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Quebec International Peewee Hockey Tournament
Tournoi International de Hockey Pee-wee de Quebec
Tournament Information

                The tournament is billed as “the most important minor hockey tournament in the world”;
·         Approximately 2300 hockey players from 16 countries will travel to Quebec to participate in the “World Championships of Pee-Wee hockey;
·          This tournament occurs over 12 days and draws a crowd of around 200,000 fans. Last year our 1997 team had a crowd between 10,000-12,000 people in attendance during the quarter finals and semi finals;
·          This extraordinary event was founded in 1960 and has never ceased to grow in importance;
·          It is at the end of the ‘Carnaval de Québec’, that runs from January 28th to February 13th;
·          The kids will miss a maximum, 7 days of school.

·          Players from this team will stay with billet families, no exceptions. These families go through a screening process to make sure they are acceptable as billets; 
·          There will be 9 billets families, 2 players per family;   
·          Almost all of the families have billeted previous Quebec Blue Jackets participants. The billet families are extraordinary and outgoing people. They care for the players as if they were their own kids. Some billet parents actually sleep on the couch and let the players sleep in their beds. They attend all of the games, they dress in Blue Jackets apparel and cheer louder than you can imagine. 

·          On top of the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets participation fees, the Quebec experience will range from $800-900, depending on fundraising efforts. We have budgeted $850 for billing purposes. If the final cost is less than $$850 per player, refunds will be given;
·          Fundraising is encouraged, previous Quebec teams have worked hard to lower costs by over 30%; for example the 1997 team did a shoot-a-thon and raised $5600 to be used towards the Quebec Budget. On average it lowered each player’s Quebec fee by $300.
·          Quebec Costs will be added into the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets participation fee to help spread out the financial commitment and minimize billing confusion.

·         All Players and families that make the 1998 Peewee Major Ohio AAA Blue Jackets Team will be expected to participate in the Quebec Tournament, incur the extra costs of the Tournament, and follow of the Quebec rules put in place by the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets Organization;
·          All players and families that make the 1998 Peewee Major Ohio AAA Blue Jackets Team will be expected to represent the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets, CCYHA, and the Columbus Blue Jackets to the highest of standards;
·          All players need to ride the bus to and from the Quebec Tournament. Each family gets 1 seat on the bus in addition to their child, both to and from the Tournament or parents can choose a different form of transportation;
·          A parent (s) will need to be in Quebec by the time the players get there or have arrangements made for their player, until players are dropped off to the billet families.